Advanced turning course 30h

  • 30-hour turning workshop
  • Flexible Sessions
  • Customization according to level
  • Access to equipment
  • Clay and firings for purchase
  • Available in English and French



Registration gives access to the workshop and its equipment. Clay and firing costs are available for purchase on site and calculated according to the size and number of your pieces.

You can use our Calendly booking system to choose the dates that suit you best.

You'll need to have the necessary basic knowledge, for example by having taken our introductory course. You can register on the course page and then contact me ( so that we can schedule your sessions together.

Our introductory courses and workshops are open to all, with no need for prior experience.

Absolutely, we encourage participants to explore and enroll in multiple courses to diversify and enrich their learning experience. You'll begin your learning with the introductory courses and then enrich your technique by taking the advanced courses.

Old, easy-to-clean (and warm) clothes, apron, towel (for the trick)

An introductory course booked and cancelled within 72 hours of its start will not be refunded. If you need to reschedule your participation in an advanced course or workshop, please contact us as soon as possible to see what options are available.

Yes, we offer our workshops and courses in both French and English to accommodate a wide range of participants.

Times vary according to the course or workshop chosen. Specific information is available on our website and via our Calendly reservation system.

Venue details will be provided when you register and are also available on our website.

Yes, to guarantee a quality experience, the number of participants is limited. We advise you to reserve your place in advance.

The kiln is quite large, so it doesn't rotate after each visit. As soon as your pieces are fired, I will send you a message by Whatsapp

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