Mandala workshop

Do you know what a mandala is?

It is a symbolic diagram that represents the evolution and involution of the universe in relation to a central point 😳?🤔⁉️

➡️Il is mainly used to reduce our stress and anxiety level 🧘🏼♀️ : by drawing and coloring it, we relax, clear our head and feel good and work on our creativity 💡 !

I propose a mandala workshop in the style of Au Chat d'Argile 😃

Where, when, how, how much?

  • here at Au Chat d'Argile workshop 
  • whenever you want ➡️ contact me
  • on a clay plate that I will have prepared for you (one per person registered) in the shape of a round +/- 17 cm in diameter or a rectangular +/- 15×20 cm (please let me know at the time of reservation as well as your telephone number), 
  • 37€ per person, duration +/- 1h



Program :

  1. coat the whole plate with a colored slip (choice of several colors), let it dry a little

  2. we engrave our mandala

  3. optional: make a rim so that the plate becomes a nice plate or a nice little tray 

Practical information :

Take an apron so you don't get dirty - a compass (you borrow your kids'!) - a skewer (something with a fine point so you can draw in the clay) - anything with a texture you like that could be applied to the clay - a simple image you'd like to reproduce - your good humor and enthusiasm 🥳... 

Realization of 1 piece (round or rectangular) per person
Children 10 years old min
Languages available: French, English
Level: Beginner

🤓Please contact me, so we can see together our respective availabilities and you can let me know your choice!